They say life is a journey.
In other words, journeys must be a fractal of life.

We all start our lives in the unknown, knowing nothing.
As we wander around in the world, we learn, go on an adventure,
discover the meaning of life, and again, take on another challenge.
Just like a journey.

We take a chance and go to places that we’ve never known or been to. – – –
As we wander around in foreign lands, we learn about other cultures,
have some little adventures, rediscover the meaning of life and make another journey again.

When a journey is over, you couldn’t be the same as you were before. – – –
Something has changed about you.

Just like life.

Attractive islands of Okinawa with beautiful nature and unique culture.
One of Villages called Nakijin in Okinawa is located in Motobu Peninsula where has Okinawa Ocean Expo Park,
Churaumi Aquarium, a mountain to enjoy trekking and beautiful ocean to enjoy snorkeling.
And also there is a scattering of remote string of islands called Ie Jima, Izena Jima and Iheya Jima.
Nakijin is an excellent place for long stay travelers with a wonderful experience to make cherished memories.
Therefore we offer you a best atmosphere to discover Okinawa.
Our facility is at a corner location of a cliff top with a beautiful view of Sakiyama Beach.
Fully enjoy yourself with beautiful scenery, sound of winds and waves on the terrace.
And ocean view rooms are well designed that make you so relaxed.

To move freely to enjoy and travel Okinawa, rent-a-car is necessary but…
●Wasted time to spend on rent-a-car reception,
●Long drive to got to the destination,
●Long line waiting at tollbooth,
●Bothersome fill-up when you returned the car,
Above are commonly occur in your travels.
For your precious time with your family, we provide a rent-a-car and a transportation service for you.
●Fill out a form on the courtesy car.
●On the way to the facility, make out an itinerary with your family,
watch the scenery from the car window and just make yourself comfortable.
●Rent-a-car is ready in the garage when you arrive in the facility.
●After putting your luggage into the facility, you can drive and go to Churaumi Aquarium
or beautiful snorkeling spots, etc…
●VOXY (van) equips car seats with transparent plastic sheets
and you can get in or out of the car with swimming wear.
●Our rent-a-car equips ETC for free.
●No fill-up necessary when you return the car.

Reading and music are friends of a journey. In other words, they must be a fractal of life.
After reading through a good book and after listening through a good music, something has changed about you.
A book is easily carried to read while on the other hand, need a fine speakers when you listen to a music.
Therefore, we install high-end audio speakers, named “UREI”, in the living room.
The UREI speakers are made by TINA AUDIO, a well-established store in KOZA Okinawa.
Easy to connect earphone plug to the jack, you can relax and enjoy your favorite music seep through the “UREI”.

We provide a wonderful atmosphere for you to discover the unknown Okinawa.
An atmosphere full of euphony – the sound of the waves, the breeze in the air, and music.
Rooms with great views – the morning sun, mesmerizing ocean and bright starry night. –
You’ll rediscover the meaning of a journey.


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