Trekking on mount Katsuu


There are some fun trekking spots on Okinawa. One of my favorite spots is Mt.Katsuu and I guide you to there!

You can drive to the hillside of Mt.Katsuu and “Drive careful!”, there are some narrow roads as you can see in the photo.

Got to the parking lot and I see the goal of brow!

There is a viewing platform at the parking lot,

It is a good enough view from here.

But I go trekking. You can find an information board which explains how to protected beautiful environment by ancestors and local people at the entrance.

Trekking sticks are available for climbers.

Put on trekking gear and now let’s go! Okinawa belongs to subtropical area so don’t forget to bring bottle of water and sweat rag to prevent dehydration.

You see flagstone path when you start climbing,

The path changes like animal trail soon.

At the halfway point, seasonally you could see wild Shekawasha (citrus depressa) grow in clusters here from Aug to Sept & from Dec to Jan. You could also feel comforted by smell of citrus but regrettably out of season now.

While you walk on easy path, a great obstacle appears in the path to the brow. From my point of view, Mt.Katsuu is a very good trekking point brings you a feeling of accomplishment because the easy path at a start, then hard trekking point to the brow appears. When you are at the top of Mt.Katsuu, you can feel how wonderful trekking place is.

I see the goal and almost there.


I made it! (Altitude 452 m)

Hard to say from the photo, overlook the panorama from the top with holding Okinawa map, you can view whole picture of small Okinawa island and feel like Okinawa island in a miniascape. Why don’t you stop by and challenge trekking at the Mt.Katsuu on the way to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. It is a quite experience for early elementary grades and surely it becomes a cherished memory.


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