Jogging in the Okinawa ocean expo park


You can enjoy walking and jogging at Okinawa Ocean Expo Park.
Ocean Expo Park Nordic walking/Walking/Jogging course.

The Vacation Condo from where I watched the fireworks festival in July.

I enter Ocean Expo Park from Gate P8.

I start jogging nearby Tropical Dream Center.

I follow the directional arrow to jog.

Beautiful and clean course.

Jogging with half an eye on Tropical Dream Center.

Look to the sea.

The course becomes straight.

Line of palm trees.

Well-maintained course.

I see turn-around point.

Near South Gate of Ocean Expo Park.

Loop back to the course.

I see IE island.

Sunset Square & Aqua Town

The course is getting narrow.

Ooh, I found leaves of Mu-Chi! (Mu-Chi means sticky rice cake. The leaves are used to wrap sticky rice cake.)

Gettou (Shell Ginger/Alpinia zerumbet), we call a leaf of Gettou as San-Nin which is known familiarly as herb in Okinawa. We have a custom (pray for health & charm) to eat sticky rice cake wrapped by San-Nin (a leaf of Gettou) on Dec 8th of the lunar calendar and it is so nostalgic scent to Okinawan. Most pre-schools in Okinawa teach children how to make Mu-Chi at that day.

Beautiful view of IE island between timber.

Feel the pleasant breeze.

Jogging on seafront road,

I see the pool of Oki-Chan theater (the pool of dolphin show)!
This is the goal for today and I have probably run 2-3 km. It is good to watch dolphin show or simply walk back after jogging. I think here is a rare and a wonderful jogging course.


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