Introduction of Permanent Vacation Nakijin!


PERMANENT VACATION NAKIJIN is located in Nakijin Village where is north part of Okinawa island.

The facility is close to Nakijin Castle Ruins where is on the world heritage list.

Also easily access to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium of Ocean Expo Park (One of popular spots on Okinawa island.)

PERMANENT VACATION NAKIJIN is located on a cliff top and you can see our facility from the beach in Sakiyama of Nakijin Village.

Our accommodation is at a corner location of a cliff top.

Settle down on a deck chair of the terrace, get cozy to stare out to sea, and fully enjoy an atmosphere full of euphony.

The sound of wave makes you relaxed.

A spacious living room.

Japanese room with Ryu-Kyu tatami (Okinawa traditional tatami/matting).

It seems like join Japanese culture and tropical together and have no words for the view from here. It is like nothing else.

Night is falling. Occasionally you could see the picturesque moon rise above the horizon silently.

You can look at sparkly sky from the terrace. Never get tired of looking at starry sky while listening to the sound of ocean.

Using celestial globe to star watching.

High-end TINA AUDIO speaker in the living room.
Introduction of Ti-na audio products

Taste a glass of wine at the bar counter and enjoy high-quality sound.

The bed room is simple and calm.

Glorious sunrise. I have no words to describe.


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